Brain Grooves for Schools, Families and Individuals

Fusing Dance, Brain Activation and Wellness to promote Whole Brain Learning and Whole Brain Living. These structured lessons are great for schools, families and Individuals who want to improve brain function, body fitness, and keep their brains working at optimal levels for life!

It's Fun. It's Efficient. Have More Fun! Get More Done!

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What is Brain Grooves

Brain Grooves is a programme of dance lessons created by our founder Zoe Patterson designed to engage the bodies and minds of students of all ages and abilities.

What makes this programme different from regular dance lessons is that it combines brain activation with body movement.

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Brain Grooves  

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The Brain Grooves programme fuses 3 areas
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Dance/ Movement Patterns to Music
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Brain Activation
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What's included in the 20- 40 minute video tutorials:

  • Movements to create focus and centering
  • The Brainy Warm-Up for brain activation, raising the heart beat for fitness and activating major muscle groups to help train a supple, flexible body & improve mood
  • Brain Booster to tone the core muscles and improve brain function
  • A follow along routine for fun, new learning challenges, fitness and an active brain
  • Cool down and stretch to calm, focus and integrate new learning

Other Offers Available: 

  • 3 minute Quick Moves: the ultimate efficient Brain Breaks to help get active, get focused and lift mood
  • SuperBrain Tips: Easy to integrate Step By Step tutorials for living a long and healthy life
  • Brain Sequences: Patterned movement sequences to challenge the brain and body for super ninja-like brain and body functioning

The music and movements are suitable for the whole family, schools as well as individuals. Pick and choose your pace, your exercises and only do as much as you want to fit in with your schedule, lifestyle and stage of learning.

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Brain Grooves for Schools (in- School Programme)

Why Brain Grooves is Essential for School Learners and Their Teachers

1. Dance

As set out in the Primary PE curriculum. Using the three areas of create, perform, appreciate. I use stories to engage learning with infants; rhythm and modern theatre step for the junior end and Hip Hop Party Steps and Grooves for the seniors. Through our dance programme we engage in

  • Taking responsibility for our own learning
  • Collaborating in teams
  • Turn taking and sharing ideas
  • Practicing being creative and explorative
  • Exploring the use of space
  • Rhythm and tempo
  • Problem solving
  • Creating and performing dance sequences
  • Talking about ours and others creations in a positive constructive and helpful way
Multiracial Children holding hands and playing in playground
Multi Racial children laughing and talking in bright classroom

2. Physical Literacy and Brain Gym

Using the warm up and brain sequences from the SIMPLE (Sensory Integrated Movement Programme for Learning Enhancement) Programme, plus Brain Gym activities, the children engage in movement patterns that help to:

  • Stimulate new neural pathways + whole brain learning
  • Encourage myelination of new neural pathways
  • Develop focus and calm in the studio and in the classroom
  • Develop transferable skills to the classroom and other activities
  • Rewire the brain and focus for improved learning
  • Help with reading, writing and comprehension by targeting specific areas of the brain through movement patterns. “When the Body Moves, the Brain Grooves”- Jim Kwik

3. Wellness

This part of the class is woven throughout each lesson and focuses on 

  • Creating a positive mindset
  • The use of body language to instil self-confidence
  • Affirmations for a growth mindset
  • Jim Kwik’s tips to Activate your Superbrain
  • The importance of exercise and movement for longevity and quality of life, throughout your life
  • Life long learning
  • Good nutrition to support your learning and life goals
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