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February 17, 2021

Week of 11th October 2021

Halloween Camp

With the camp nearly booked out we would love to remind you to book your spot!

Call/Text Amanda on 086 173 82 72. 2 days of camps: 23rd + 24th October 2-5pm. Wear your favourite Halloween costume and star in our very own "Freaky FYI- The Movie". Spot prizes throughout the weekend and VIP passes for our next workshop to be won!

Boys Bring -A - Friend on Friday

Boys Streetdance is grooving with some fresh talent this year and we're looking to expand our troop! We've just completed our first piece of choreography of the season and we are looking forward to showing off to our friends and showing them our skills!

Brain Grooves - 125 schools trying out the programme

I am so excited to know that the Brain Grooves programme is being tested in 125 schools across the country. I have celebrated by starting up (another) Facebook page!! Haha. Check out my story at

Dress up week

Next week is Halloween dress up week. Kerry (Spotlight Studios Owner) has done an amazing job at creating a spooky Halloween atmosphere so we have got to take advantage! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for evidence of our antics!

Performance group Flashmob

Our Performance Group are preparing for our Perform Ireland Main Stage Performance on 26th November. So we're heading out to build up our performance experience by staging a few flashmob around the town on Friday evening. Give us a clap or a toot or a cheer if you see us.

Boys Streetdance Flashmob

Well I have to give it to the new Boys Streetdance class on Friday! They are bursting with eneregy and enthusiasm and can't wait to get out n about to show off their freestyle grooves. They have knuckled down and learnt a routine in a record 2 weeks, so after we've shown off to our friends this week we'll be ready for a (costumed) flashmob next week! Whoop!

Have a great week everyone!

Zoe, Amanda + Chloe

Week of 27th September 2021

Weekly classes

Our timetable is in full swing!


In Hip Hop on Tuesday we're learning all about the postures, groove and styles unique to Hip Hop. We're also introducing ourselves to finding our own style and expression in our freestyle sections. This week we learnt an epic "Hip Hop Handshake"


In our Streetdance Classes we're taking it back to the beginning with funk and soul classics and recapping all our social dances that began the Streetdance movement. With moves like The Funky Penguin, Funky Four Corners and the Funky Guitar (yes, that's a lot of Funk!!) there is plenty of fun(k) to be had. Next week we're moving it up to Locking! Check out some funky styles right HERE

MODERN/ Contemporary

In our Thursday classes we had a gorgeous time using our basic limbering and posture exercises to build strength in the body, especially focusing on core strength and leg extensions. It felt great to expressing ourselves again through the use of props (scarves and ribbons) and challenging the seniors with the jazz splits and sideways tilt with lifted leg. See and example of our classwork HERE


Fridays are a busy one, and I loved being back with our seasoned Hip Hoppers on Friday at 3:15. They really put me through my paces and haven't forgotten a thing over the summer.

Our new boys class on a Friday had a great brainstorming session on how to get more boys dancing. A few ideas were - MINECRAFT week (Lol) , Costume week, take-it-to-the-streets week, Ice cream week and Freestyle party week. My goodness, I had better have my weetabix!!

The Performance Club were happy to be back together again and we're kicking off our mindset training with the study of MARCUS RASHFORD'S "Your Are A Champion". Each member received a copy of the book and this week we are studying Chapter 1 to learn his mindset and goal setting strategies. Some students have already asked can they read past chapter 1 as they love it so much! Awesome! "Readers are Leaders Bookclub is Go". We are also building our repertoire by starting a new contrasting piece of choreography to this SONG

Our first BIG performance is on 26th November at the RDS at Perform Ireland. More details HERE

If you'd like to book a complimentary trial in any of our classes please contact the lovely Amanda on 0861738272. Just text FREE TRIAL and she'll get right back to you. All lessons are taught by Zoe Patterson. Her Vlogs can be found here and our timetable is HERE

BRAIN GROOVES for Homes and Schools

Brain Grooves is in its second week and the first live zoom went out on Monday at 12pm, where we increased our brain function, focus and concentration through easy-to-follow dance moves and movement exercises, all to the tunes picked by the participants themselves! I am actually patting myself on the back for such an epic idea!

Our first school's LIVESTREAM goes live on Friday 1st October at 11:45-12:15 from our Youtube Channel

Spread the word to all your schools to get all our students moving and grooving to better brain function, easier learning and improved health and wellbeing. All our brain grooves info and free trial information can be found HERE


We have just announced our Halloween Workshops to our dancers! Here are the details:

Saturday 23rd October 2-5pm Spotlight Studios

Sunday 24th October 2-5pm Spotlight Studios

1 workshop €25

2 workshops €45

10% discount for siblings

a further 10% discount for VIPs

Wear your favourite Halloween Costume to create, choreography and star in our very own Freaky FYI Halloween Movie. Each day we will create a storyline based on the costumed characters attending and together form the content to be filmed and edited. Students can attend both workshops and even wear different costumes each day (because we know they have loads!!)

Disounts for VIPs (students on the Patreon Subscription or taking 2 classes per week).

Text HALLOWEEN to 0861738272 and Amanda will be in touch. If you're on our mailing list all the details should be in your email inbox (do check spam also- or to get on our email MAILING LIST here)

Spot prizes daily!!

Have great week everyone,

Zoe - Dance Teacher, Physical Literacy Instructor, Wellness Coach

Amanda - FYI Administrative Boss and Madame Hansanitiseur

Chloe - Social Media and Design Extraordinaire

Week of 20th September 2021

And We're Open!!

The time has come when we are finally getting back into the studio! I have really enjoyed the last 2 week's Free workshops and meeting all the new students, and reconnecting with current students!

Check out the Timetable HERE to book your chosen class(es)

Brain Grooves for Families, Individuals and Schools

Brain Grooves goes out today for the new 2021-2022 season and will be serving approximately 150 young people, adults and families across the country. I am on a mission to get bodies moving and brains grooving to improve brain health, confidence and self-esteem and empower people to create their best lives! If you know of a school, family or individual who would love to dance their way to a better brain and a better life, get in touch HERE for a free trial. Each enquiry will receive my Top 6 Brain and Body Activator Series!

Have a great week everyone!

Zoe + Team

Week Of 14th September 2021


I loved the free workshops last week and I am delighted to offer them again this week before we start our full studio schedule this week!

Be sure to sign up for our workshops here

Tuesday Streetdance 5-6pm

Thursday Modern Contemporary 5-6pm

Friday Performance Group 5-6pm


I am delighted to be upgrading the Brain Grooves programme again this year with new content, videos and a new platform. If you, your family or your school would love to try a free trial, just email FREE TRIAL here

Each participant receives:

* Weekly 30 minute lesson fusing Dance, Brain Activation and Wellness Tips

* Weekly Brain Booster to enhance brain function, focus and concentration

* Weekly Wellness Activator to help you enhance your life experience

* 3 x 3 Minute Moves to Shake it off and get your body moving and your brain grooving!

Sign up today for your free trial and receive BONUS VIDEOS of my 6 Brain and Body Activators you can use right away!

Special Offers available this month!

Individual Teacher Rates

Individual Rates

Family Rates

Email RATES here to find out more

Have a great week everyone!

Zoe and Team FYI

Week of 16th August 2021

Its Enrolment Time!

Enrolment is in full swing at FYI Dance Club this week! The Lovely Amanda, the new FYI Administrator is busy chasing down our current students while Chloe, our resident TY Intern is busy on the Social Media. We are gearing up, mentally and physically, for our best season yet!

Make sure you check out the new timetable above!

Farewell Donna, Welcome Amanda and Chloe

It doesn't matter how I write this, no words give the full expression of this pivotal moment in FYI Dance Club.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Donna for 9 years and I cannot put into words how much I have benefitted from this experience. Anyone who has come through the doors of FYI in the last 9 years know what I am talking about.She is such an mazing role model, mentor, guide as well as all she has done for our club. I am wishing her all the joy, health and happiness she thoroughly deserves in the next chapter in her life.

I was so grateful to work with Donna again this week as she trained in our new gorgeous Administrator Amanda (sounds like a transformer name!! Smiley face). Already Amanda is proving to be a force to be reckoned with and I can only imagine the value and efficiency she is going to bring this year! Welcome Amanda. And thank you!

And for the first time ever FYI Dance Club now has its own resident TY Intern! Chloe is already flying it with huge skill and initiative on the social media posts! I can only pinch myself at my good fortune to have 2 such amazing ladies improving our club from the inside out!

Now its time for me to step out away from the computer and back to the studio where I do me best. Looking forward to bringing more value, more fun and more knowledge to the students on our registers this year.

Let's do it!


Week of 21st June 2021

And Thats a Wrap....for this week anyway!

We've officially closed for the season, and Wow! What a season. Ive been reflecting a lot over the weekend (I took the whole weekend off - so proud of myself!) and I am sincerely grateful for all the families and students in FYI Dance Club. You guys have definitely given me purpose and joy over the season and I have loved serving you, and coming up with lots of different ways we can enjoy our dancing and our time together. I have seen super strong bonds form in the classes, first over zoom and then to see them blossom in the outdoor classes has been simply gorgeous. Who would thought the simple act of a short walk along the seafront, to and from our carpark studio could supply us with so much laughter and friendships formed. I definitely think Ill be seeking your permission to repeat outdoor lessons next summer term too!

Please give all your teddies and pets and big hug from me as they too have formed such an important part of our classes this year, and provided us with such joy and fun! And of course even featuring in our choreography competition!! Amazing!!

Now on with our next projects! The Summer Intensive begins on 8th July and Donna and Myself are working busily behind the scenes getting ready. Ill have an important update by the end of the week for all participants so keep an eye out on the WhatsApp.

Summer camps are running in July and August and Kerry has bought some lovely outdoor furniture so we can enjoy our snacks on the balcony over looking the sea! Give us a wave if you see us!!

Im finishing up in the last of my schools this week then taking a much needed adventure with Oliver next week! So forgive me if I go off the radar for a few days!

Here's a few things going on this summer you can get involved in and I hope to see you (and your pets - well maybe not the bunnies, hens and turtles..) out and about!

Lots of Love to each and every one of you,

Zoe and Donna


Ill be continuing the bookclub during the summer but at a different time each week depending on my teaching (and gardening) schedule. You can get the replays and notifications in our Facebook group here or Subscribe for the replays on YouTube here


The VIP Programme will continue on Patreon over the summer and has currently over 100 videos available (nicely organised into playlists) of lessons and choreography to keep you dancing throughout the summer. Ill also be uploading some exclusive commissioned works I have created as well as some lessons and routines and if there is a big enough intake (10 or more) I will run some live or in-person classes too. The billing occurs on the 1st of the month so you can subscribe, enter your details, try it out for free and if its not for you just cancel before the 1st of the month. You can find all the details here and select the VIP tier.

September 2021

I am finalising the new timetable with the Studio and Donna and will be in touch in early August. As always, current members get first choice on places so do keep and eye on your email (make sure is saved so it doesn't go to spam) and we will keep the WhatsApp groups live until that announcement is made. You will have preference for a few days before we open it to summer campers and then finally any remaining places will go to the public, so if you have pals looking to get a place, give them the heads up when you hear so they can apply for the waiting list.

Have a great summer everyone!

Zoe and Donna

Week of 14th June 2021

Last week of classes

Can you believe we're in the last week of classes?? I will definitely be taking some time to reflect on the season that has been the... I cant even think of a word that describes it... Transformative? Creative? Uncertain? Changeable? I'll definitely be taking some time out to reflect, and to see what is next in store for FYI Dance Club...

We have our new Performance Classes starting this summer, a first for FYI, although not unlike some years ago where I had a "Supertroop"that travelled with the Town Twinning Team to Romania and to France.

I am intrigued and open to see it evolve and what experiences it will bring us.

As it is the last week of a very peculiar year, I have organised a little surprise for our dancers. I hope everyone can make it to our outdoor classes this week so celebrate all we have achieved this year.

Dance Slam!

What a weekend we had at FYI Dance Club. We saw the launch of the Dance Slam! project and even made the RTE News!

Check out the full piece here

#Let's Dance

Our 7 senior dancers who worked with Choreographers Matt and Jack from Human Collective in conjunction with Dance Ireland saw all their work and focus accumulate into a Livestream Event as part of Cruinniu na Nóg on Saturday. Our very own Elena Scanlan was picked as a student panellist to speak about her experience! We saw excerpts from the completed pieces by Naoise, Alison, Aislinn and Elena. It was live-streamed on Youtube and you can watch it  here


Some of our VIPs met with me and we took off on a loop walk of the river and murrough to film our very own Cruinniu na Nóg music video (because now I think Im a professional videographer HaHa). I'll be working this week on the editing and hope to have this gorgeous momento for our VIPs by the weekend!

Here's to our final weekin this season,

Wishing you all a fun and prosperous summer,

Zoe and Donna

Week of 7th June 2021

End of Season is Near

We have just 2 weeks left in this season! Wow! It is definitely one that will be burned in my mind for creative thinking, upskilling and adaptability. There has definitely been tears, tantrums (me ...haha) and overcoming obstacles. But wow! the dancers we have at FYI are an awesome group of fun, resilient and confident young humans! Its been great working with you this year!!

Join us for any class

For the next 2 weeks students are welcome to join any other classes if they need to make up classes lost due to weather or Zoom issues! Students who are looking to try another class for September or even who just want to join a new pal in their class, we are opening up all classes to all.

Text Donna on the FYI phone 086 173 82 72 if you want to try any of the following classes:


Boys Streetdance 3:30-4:40

Under 12's Mixed Streetdance 4:50-6:00

Over 13's Streetdance 6:05-7:30


Junior Modern 3:30-4:30

Junior-Intermediate Modern 4:35-5:45

Intermediate Modern-Contemporary 5:50-7:00

Senior Modern Contemporary 7:05-8:30


Junior Hip Hop 3:20-4:20

Intermediate Hip Hop 4:25-5:25

Choreography Club 5:30-6:30


Our final VIP meet for this term will happen on Saturday 12th June at 11:30-1pm

In our last meet we brainstormed creating a "music video" as part of the Cruinniu na Nóg celebration. The plan is to learn the choreography from the last meeting (video was sent to the VIP what app group) and stage a couple of different scenes near the studio (in front of studio/ graffiti wall at carpark/ river side/ iron bridge etc) Ill edit it and send it to parents as a moment of our VIP time! Watch out for your VIP messages this week!

Summer Performance Intensive

The response to the summer performance intensive has been amazing! I am really looking forward to challenging myself in this new venture and working with you all to create something spectacular! Remember to get your deposits in before the 19th June so I can order your performance wear (Donna will be in touch for T shirt sizes - if you're still growing, opt for a size bigger than you're currently wearing)

Summer Camps

I am so excited about summer camps this summer. We are fully booked out and Kerry, the studio owner, has invested in some gorgeous outdoor furniture so we can all take our  breaks on the gorgeous balcony overlooking the sea. Remember to give us a wave if you're passing! It will be like summer camp while on holiday :-)

Enjoy the rest of the Bank holiday and I will see you all in class next week!

Zoe and Donna

Week of 31st May 2021

Summer Performance Intensive

There are 7 places left in the Summer Performance Intensive. Please check you're inbox if your student is ages 10-18 years and would like to join this group and learn high standard choreography for our ever growing Performance Line Up. We will be meeting throughout the summer on Thursdays from 6-8pm for technique and choreography.

The new ease in restrictions allows us back to the studio from 5th of July so I am proposing delaying the start date until 8th July. Donna will be in touch this week to assess the feedback.

Summer Camps are GO!

The new easing of restriction will allow summer camps to go ahead from 5th July in the studio. I believe both our camps are fully booked but we are also taking a waiting list for cancellations or further easing of restrictions.

Dance Slam!

I had an amazing weekend filming with videographer team Fusion and Wicklow Local Sports Partnership all around County Wicklow for this year's Dance Slam! event as part of the Cruinniu na Nóg Festival taking place on 12th June 2021.

I filmed with FYI Seniors at Bray Bandstand, 6th Class students from Carysfort NS at Arklow Skate Park, Baltinglass Basketball team at Baltinglass Abbey and Blessington GAA at Russborough House. The weather was amazing and it was definitely the furthest Ive been in a looooong time. The drive home across the mountains was breathtaking and I will be taking a trip out that way again at the earliest opportunity! What a gorgeous county we live in!

Thank you to Wicklow LSP for the opportunity to work with all these amazing people and gorgeous locations!

#Let's Dance Challenge

Our 7 FYI students participating with the Dance Ireland #Let's Dance Challenge finished up their final workshop on Friday with Choreographers Matt and Jack from Human Collective. Most of the students have also taught workshops to their peers in school, spreading the glorious word of dance around the locality. 2 senior students Naoise and Venus are due to visit Boys Streetdance on Tuesday to lead them in a workshop! I am really proud of the students invloved and I have loved seeing the feedback from their peers and the snippets of choreography they have created!

Brain Grooves Schools

Brain Grooves Schools programme is closing up for the summer ready for reinvention for the 2022 season. Anyone interested in getting Brain Grooves for their schools can send in their email address for the amazing tips and bonus videos available on the mailing list and to be first off the post in late August with the new membership site!

3 weeks left

Just 3 weeks are remaining of this season and it has surely been one of personal growth, stretching and creative thinking. I want to take a moment to congratulate all students and parents in their efforts to stay sane during this time and thank goodness we have dance to boost our happy feelings! Here's to a great few weeks of FYI fun and banter!

Brain Grooves for Adults

Its not too late to join our last Brain Grooves for Adults on Zoom on Mondays at 12:20-1pm. We're dancing through the ages this term too with music from the 60's last week and moving onto the 70's this week! Great craic altogether (and also good for the Brain!!)

Have a great week everyone!

Zoe and Donna

Week of 24th May 2021

New Adults Brain Grooves 6- Week Module starts 24th May.

Check out our Brain Grooves page for more info or email us at to try a class

Summer Performance Intensive

Registration opens this week for the performance intensive running on Thursdays 6-8pm from 1st July-19th August. This will be open for 10-18year old members of FYI Dance Club and will create the basis of our performance piece for Perform Ireland in November as well as any other performance work such as Noise Moves, Screendance and Unanimous. Please look out for an email from Donna this week with all details and how to register.

Summer Camps

Donna is currently taking names for our 2 summer camps at

  • Week of 19th July; 10-2pm; 7-13years
  • Week of 16th July; 10-2pm; 7-13 years

Each week will explore creating, learning, performing and discussing dance. We will also feature the 10 Superbrain tips we follow at Fyi Dance Club for raising confidence, self-awareness and optimising brain function. Students will work with students in their own age group as well as mixing age groups for a rich experience in mentoring and collaboration. Students will be encouraged to have an input into their learning experience by choosing and suggesting activities based on their expectations of the summer camp experience as well as goals towards improving their dance experience.

Creative Ireland Dance Slam! Project

This week sees the culmination of the Dance Slam! Project with a tour of County Wicklow recording the piece with 4 youth groups. Our very own FYI seniors will be featuring in part of the project filming at Bray Bandstand this weekend.

It has been a great experience and I thank Wicklow County Partnership, Creative Ireland, Cruinniú na Nóg and the Arts Council for commissioning me to create and deliver the piece.

#Let's Dance Challenge

The Fyi students will have their last workshop with Human Collective Choreographers this Friday and many of the students will be conducting their own dance movement workshops within their schools this week. The students will also be filming their final dance pieces and sending them to Dance Ireland for editing and collaboration with the other 70+ dancers from around Ireland. 2 students may even be coming into Boys streetdance next week to teach a special workshop! Watch this space!


This weeks bookclub read up to page 90 on "Break the Mould" by Sinead Burke and for the Juniors I read "Tiger Tiger, Is It True" by Byron Katie and Hans Wilhelm

No Bookclub next Saturday as I will be filming the Dance Slam! Project.

All bookclub reading replays can be found on our Facebook page @fyidanceclub and on our Youtube channel here: "Readers Are Leaders Kids Bookclub". - Videos have been set to 'Child friendly" settings to omit any mature content or advertisements.

Fingers crossed for good weather this week. The students adapted well to zoom again last week and my sincerest thanks for fast acting and adaptive parents!

Have a great week,

Zoe and Donna

Week of 17th May 2021

Brain Grooves for Adults! New Module starts 24th May!

Join our super efficient Brain grooves class on Zoom om Monday's at 12:30pm. Cant make the time? Catch my replay sent directly to your inbox after the class.

New for this Module:

  • Brain Grooves 5 Day Formula sent directly to your Inbox to help you achieve your Brain Health goals
  • Chapter Links to navigate the replays to the part of the class you want to practice
  • Extra Weekly tips from "the Brain Makeover" by Phyllis Ginsberg
  • All the usual fun and dance and improved brain function in a simple 30 minute class

Sign up here

Summer Camps!

We are taking bookings for Summer Camps!

Week of 19th July or 16th August (or both); 10-2pm; 6-13years; €100

Payment is only due 2 weeks before camp and full funds given if restrictions prevent the camp from going ahead.

Get your name on the list by calling, texting or emailing Donna on 086 173 82 72 or

Performance Intensive

I am putting together a performance group over the Summer!! We have collected quite the performance schedule lately including securing a spot on the Main Stage at Perform Ireland in November this year. The Summer Intensive will train and create a performance piece and will be available for 10-18 year olds, we will meet for 2 hours once per week and each member will receive a performance t-shirt and zip up!

Launching full details next week!

#Let's Dance Challenge Update

Our 7 senior students who have been participating in the #LetsDanceChallenge are flying it! They have begun creating their movement sequences and this week they will be organising dance workshops in their schools to spread the word of dance! We are filming their dance piece next Sunday around Wicklow so watch out for us!

Creative Ireland

I have been commissioned to create a piece for Wicklow in this years Creative Ireland Project. The song chosen by the participants is "Levitating' by Dua Lipa and I have filmed the tutorial for groups in Arklow, Blessington and Baltinglass. Our own senior dancers will be recording their section in Bray Bandstand on 29th May and all pieces should be shown Mid June!


Our next VIP meet is on Saturday 22nd May at 11am on Zoom. Link will be sent into your WhatsApp group. This month we will be focusing on a piece of original choreography for our dancers.

If you have an enthusiastic dancer who wants MORE from their dance club, join the VIP Programme either by

  • taking 2 or more classes per week per term
  • join the VIP Patreon Programme and get a full library of dance tutorial for just €10 a month

Sign up here

Outdoor Classes

Loving the outdoor classes! We are starting to prepare short sequences for your enjoyment sent directly to your WhatApp group! Love it!

Book Club

Our Saturday morning bookclub continues. Tune in at 9am or catch the replays on Facebook or Youtube!

Have a great week everyone!

Zoe and Donna

Week of 10th May 2021

Outdoor classes!

I am delighted to report we have had 2 full weeks of outdoor classes. With only one small shower to contend with I am absolutely delighted and look forward to our last 6 weeks together before we break for our Summer schedule. Keep those fingers crossed for bright afternoons and studios reopening!

Please make sure everyone is on time, has a jacket, has used the toilet and notifies us if they are going to be on zoom or not attending. These have been the biggest delays in our tight schedule so we're hoping to improve on these to maximise class time.

Also, please contact Donna on the FYI phone on 086 173 82 72 with regards any of the above as I am teaching and use my phone for the Zoomers so cannot answer calls or texts. Thanks a million!

Performance term

Normally we are in our 'show season' at this time of year. Performing on stage for an audience is a great way to learn about goal setting, the discipline of rehearsal, overcoming nerves and of course celebrating our achievements. Not to miss another year of these important skills building, I am proposing to the students and parents an alternative! Each week we work on a combination using the moves we've focused on. Once we've settled into our outdoor routine, we will start recording little sequences for the  parents on WhatsApp and by the end of term would like to practice "going Live" into our private Facebook page "FYI Performance Page" (formerly FYI Choreography Competition page). Do apply to join this page and see the performances. We'll be in touch soon for permission and to give details.

Dance Ireland "Let's Dance " Project

We have 7 dancers participating with the "Let's Dance" project as organised by Dance Ireland. These students will be attending Live Zoom classes with other students from all over Ireland and Professional Choreographers from Human Collective. They will work as a group to create an original piece of choreography which will be filmed for the Cruininuanog 2021 festival. We will also be working together to create some workshops for the community too!

Watch this space!

Summer Camps 2021

We are releasing our summer camp dates with the hope that restrictions will be lifted in time. We are taking names for our list with more details to come soon.

Dates: Week of the 19th July & 16th August

Time: 10-2pm

Cost: Approx €100pp

Message Donna on 086 1738 272 or email to get your name on the waiting list. No payment required until camps are confirmed.

Performance Summer Club

I am very excited to announce that we have secured a spot on the Main Stage in Perform Ireland this coming November. Our senior students have built a nice performance schedule over the last few years with Unanimous in Belfast, Noise moves in Dublin and Online, Wicklow Screendance Festival and now Perform Ireland. I am inspired to create a Performance Group in our school and will begin with a Summer Intensive. The full details are not yet in place but so far the plan is to meet for 2 hours once a week during the summer to train and create the performance piece for Perform Ireland. I am waiting confirmation for studio space but so far it looks like a Thursday evening from 6-8pm.

I will be opening up this opportunity for 10-18years, though the performance group will be the 13-18year olds with the junior team in training as understudies and shadowing a senior as a mentor. I feel this will be a great boost to our club and will create amazing opportunities for courage building and stretching ourselves (me included!).

Once I have all the details and costs sorted I will open for bookings.

Have a great week everyone!

Zoe and Donna



Outdoor classes were a great success last week. It was great to see so many students able to return to class and a big thank you to Donna and all the parents for your support and excellent organisation!


I had lots of fun creating 3 lessons that streamed LIVE over Facebook and Youtube last week. I am also in the process of enhancing the recordings for Vimeo too. If you are a school interested in improving the cognitive function, focus and concentration of your students in a fun and easy way, get in touch or head straight to our Patreon page and access the programme for your school! (see link at top of page or visit our Brain Grooves page in tabs above)

VIP ZOOM CLASS: The Greatest Showman Clips

We met for our monthly VIP zoom this weekend. We had a watch party!! We had a very moving class watching footage from before the film was made and also from the film and used these clips to discuss overcoming obstacles, believing in ourselves and having a dream!

To join our VIP classes and meet your "Positive Peer Group" (superbrain Tip no 3), there are 2 options:

  1. Enrole and attend 2 classes per week at FYI Dance Club


  1. Join the online membership at and access the VIP tier. Here you will find close to 100 FYI lessons and tutorials to keep you dancing as often as you like!

Every VIP receives a VIP poster and Pass (and other goodies too in your pack)


Our Senior dancers took part in a Virtual Youth Dance Festival this weekend: Noise Moves

It was great to see the students Live Streamed alongside other Youth dance Companies from all across the globe. We had reworked our "Miracle" piece (as shown at the wicklow screen dance festival last month) and re- recorded it individually in beauty spots within our 5 km. The recordings were then sent to FYI Student and Vlogger Laura Devereux (Youtube name Lauraadev) who did an amazing job editing them together to creating a stunning piece! Well done to all!


Our next project is with Dance Ireland! A group of 12-18 year olds from the school will be participating in workshops with professional dancers and Choreographers Matt and Jack from HUMAN COLLECTIVE to create their own pieces with the aim to go out into the community and give workshops to raise the awareness of dance within our community. What a great project! Watch this space.


This week we read pp 20-36 of "Break the Mould" by Sinéad Burke and for the juniors I read "The Elephant and the Spider" a story about Overcoming your Fears vy Giles Andreae. Join us LIVE on Facebook at 9am on Saturday mornings or catch up with us on the replays. Drop us a comment as you watch along as Ill get the notifications after.


Join us in our adult class fusing dance, brain activation an wellness in this super-efficient 30 minute work-out for brain and body. Find out how even the simplest and most fun exercises can actually enhance your brain function and prevent brain deterioration in later life. "When the Body Moves, the Brain Grooves" -Jim Kwik

This programme gives you daily support towards brain health and a better mood. Follow the Brain Grooves formula:

Monday- join the live class or access the replay

Tuesday - try my 3 minute moves

Wednesday- access the weekly Brain Booster

Thursday - access the daily 3 minute moves

Friday - final 3 minute moves of the week

Weekend- try the class replay, the brain booster or any of the 3 minute moves to keep your brain and body moving and grooving

Access the private Facebook group "The Brain Groovers" for top tips on brain health and more

Get in touch to try out a class or to join the programme-

Week Of 26th April 2021


We are delighted to be able to start some outdoor classes this week! The weather looks great and its just the boost we need! Make sure you've read over all the details in your emails especially regarding bringing a windbreaker, wearing runners for Modern classes and if this weather keeps up, wear sunscreen!

Kicking off with Boys Streetdance Tomorrow at 3:30.

Not a member? Get in touch to come try a class with us!


Kicking off today, Monday at 11:30am, FREE LIVE Brain Grooves on Youtube and Facebook. Access our pages through the button links above!

Vimeo Links can be sent by request. Just email us at

Next lesson Tuesday at 11:30 and Thursday at 11:30am

All vimeo recordings will be available to Brain Grooves Subscribers on

See the Brain Grooves page for more details!


We started pp 1-19 of "Break the Mould" by Sinéad Burke on Saturday. Next Saturday at 9am I'll be reading and discussing pp 20-36. Read along with me or listen and interact using your parents account to add comments of reactions!

For the Juniors we read "My Big BIG Brain" by Maggie Ruch. This touched on the basics of Brain Science teaching us that out Brain is like a Computer and we are in charge of what programmes we run. So make sure we're running the programmes of happiness, joy, fun and good luck!!


We're on week 3 of 6 in Module 3 of Brain grooves for adults. We're working on both relaxation and energising habits, Brain boosters and brain sequences for brain and body strength and building up our knowledge of Foundation Steps to raise our heart rate and improve our memory. Come try a live class at 12:30pm on Mondays on Zoom or Access the replays through our YouTube Playlists.


Our next VIP meet is Saturday 1st May at 1pm. We will be watching and discussing excerpts and behind-the-scene footage from "The Greatest Showman", and even learning some of the choreography!

Our VIP programme is for students who want more from their dance club and to join a "Positive Peer Group" of like-minded dance enthusiasts.

To get VIP status either attend 2 or more classes at FYI dance classs each week or join the Patreon VIP subscription at Here you have close to 100 FYI dance classes in all our styles and for all our age groups!


Big Shout out to all the students and teachers at Rathdrum Boys School. It was super to start back the outdoor classes last Wednesday!

Have a great week everyone!

Zoe + Donna

Week of 19th April 2021

Book Club Book Winner!

Congratulations to Faye Smullen, winner of the book club competition. Your book is on its way from Bridge Street Books!

Ive also added a Junior Book Club reading as well. This week We read "No Excuses" by Wayne Dyer

Next Saturday (Live on @fyidanceclub Facebook page)

9am - Break the Mould

9:15 - Junior Club


Next week as part of Active School Week, I will be providing 3 Live Brain Grooves for Schools Classes on Facebook @fyidanceclub

11:30am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Replays available on Youtube and Vimeo by request. Email


We are hoping, if restrictions allow, to start a series of outdoor classes next week, 26th April. Thank you to all parents who have returned their surveys and for the encouragement. It is very much appreciated! It will be great to have the kids back together and get some outdoor time in too. Zoom will still be available for poor weather days and for those who cannot attend the outdoor classes.


Our adult classes continue on Zoom on Mondays at 12:30pm.I am in the process of upgrading my video replays and email communication. Please get in touch if you would like to try a class or view a replay.

More information HERE

Rathdrum Boys National School

I am very pleased to be starting a series of outdoor Brain Grooves for Schools classes at Rathdrum Boys National School this week!

Brain Grooves for Schools Online

If you'd like Brain Grooves to be a part of your School's PE and Brain Activation/ Physical Literacy programme, check out my Online Programme HERE

Price plans available for all school sizes and is currently free to view until next billing period on 1st May!

Get your students moving and grooving to their full potential!

Have a great week everyone!


Week of 12th April 2021

New 6 Week Brain Grooves Adult Class

Starts 12th April at 12:30pm on Zoom!

Dance your way to a more focused, higher functioning brain, and boost those happy

feelings in just 30 minutes per week!

Follow the Brain Grooves Formula for a 5-7 day plan of 3-30 mins per day for ultimate

Brain Health and Body Fitness!

Add more quality to your life and more life to your years!

Classes start back this week!

Its week 5 of this 7 week term and Donna will be sending

out surveys this week about the possibility of outdoor classes from 26th April if

restrictions allow!

Brain Grooves School Programme is LIVE!!!

Check out the new Brain Grooves School Tiers available at

All Tiers include:

4 x 40 min Minute Lessons

  • Preparing the Brain for Optimal Learning
  • An Energy Flow Warm Up
  • A Brain Booster
  • Foundation Steps from the 28 Move Glossary
  • A Full Routine

Chapter Links for easy Navigation (use any part as a movement break)

5 Day Brain Grooves Physical Literacy Formula for getting the best out of your students

28 Moves Glossary for Creating Rotuines

Brain Boosters and Efficient Movement Breaks to Maximise Brain Power

New routines and movement links every month

Teacher Support and Lessons during School Holidays

Select your school size and get your bodies moving and your brains grooving!

Dance along with our FREE LIVE class on Facebook @fyidanceclub

19th April


New "Readers Are Leaders" Book Club

Starts 23rd April, 9am on

@fyidanceclub Facebook page.

Read chapter one with me and use the chat to tell me your favourite

bits (must use parents Facebook page with parent permission + supervision)

Be in with a chance of winning a copy of the book by liking and sharing any post

about the book club on Facebook

"Breaking The Mould" by Sinead Burke

Have a great week everyone!


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